Intel FutureGen Broadcast - Simon Benson, Director of Immersive Technology at HOST Salford



In our third Intel FutureGen Broadcast, Simon Benson, Director of Immersive Technology at HOST Salford discussed his professional path and experiences through the Gaming and Technology industries live to our 2023 Intel FutureGen Cohort!

With a career path ranging from roles in simulation engineering to directing Sony's Immersive Technology Group, Simon discusses with us all of the experiences he had gathered and the evolutions seen by both himself and the industry across this period. He also took the time to discuss with us some fantastic advice for breaking into the Games Technology space.

In case you missed the broadcast, find the timestamped VOD below.


0:00 - Introduction to Broadcast

2:00 - Simon's Journey

11:30 - Evolution of Digital Skills

22:30 - Skills City

27:05 - Breaking into the Industry

40:20 - Closing thoughts

43:30 - End LinkedIn & Outro

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