Intel FutureGen Broadcast - Q&A with Kieran Holmes-Darby



As part of the Intel FutureGen programme, we are be broadcasting a series of online sessions with leading industry figures.

Our fourth session features a Q&A with Kieran Holmes-Darby, Co-Founder & Chief Gaming Officer of EXCEL. EXCEL is a British competitive gaming culture brand with teams participating in Fortnite and League of Legends.

Watch the full broadcast below.



  • 00:00 Introduction & what is a Chief Gaming Officer at EXCEL?
  • 02:41 How did EXCEL get founded?
  • 06:56 Writing a business plan and pitching esports to non-esports fans
  • 09:59 Universities investing in esports, is it important?
  • 13:49 How to make the most of your university degree
  • 16:07 Any advice for those looking to get into the esports industry and what do you look for when hiring?
  • 21:31 What qualities make a great leader?
  • 24:05 How do priorities differ between smaller teams and larger teams in terms of competitive success?
  • 25:39 How long do you think it will take for orgs to start getting mixed male and female rosters?
  • 27:57 If EXCEL could get any team in the world, what would it be?
  • 28:54 What qualifications are needed to work in esports and do you need an esports degree?
  • 29:50 What do you reckon Universities can do to better tie in traditional sports club structures with the esports scene?


Stay tuned for news on who our next Intel FutureGen speaker is!

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