Intel FutureGen Broadcast - Ashley Washington, Product Manager at Riot Games



In our second Intel FutureGen broadcast, Ashley Washington, Product Manager at Riot Games discusses her experiences through the Gaming and Esports industry live to our 2023 Intel FutureGen Cohort!

Product Management is just one role within the Gaming and Esports industry that involves many disciplines and areas of knowledge. In this broadcast, Ashley helps us to dissect her responsibilities in the role and her path to becoming a Product Manager. After championing women in gaming, Ashley also touches on crucial industry knowledge, including the challenges of Diversity, increasing visibility to grassroots communities and professional networking.

In case you missed the broadcast, find the timestamped VOD below.


0:00 - Introduction to Broadcast

1:00 - Career Path to Present

4:20 - What is a Product Manager?

9:40 - Game Changers

12:26 - Grassroots Impact

15:16 - Increasing diversity and visibility of groups

19:30 - Networking and building connections

22:10 - What do you wish you knew before industry involvement?

25:20 - Outro to Broadcast


We'll have our next Intel FutureGen broadcast session Wednesday 19th April, more info to come soon!

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