Intel FutureGen 2024 Introduction Session Wrap Up



This week we had the pleasure of hosting our 2024 Intel FutureGen cohort at the NSE office in London to kick off the programme. The session featured talks from multiple NSE staff members and some industry experts. 

To start off we had NSE's Managing Director, Alex host a workshop based on how the industry is split up into different areas and where certain companies sit. The students were challenged to share what they knew about the industry so far on who the key stakeholders were and how they serve the industry. It also provided an insight into what job roles are available, whether that's directly working with an esports team, a brand, or other services.

Up next we had esports veteran Dominic Sacco talk through a presentation about the history of UK esports. This went all the way back to what we consider as the first professional gamer in the UK all the way to present-day top-tier esports in massive filled arenas.

After a little break we then had NSE's Head of League Operations Chris or as many more students know him - Hench, give an introduction on what goes into esports tournament operations. There is a lot that goes into the running of multiple esports events behind the scenes, the students gained more of an insight and what key elements need to be considered.

Finally, we heard from our good friend Mark, UK Consumer Marketing Specialist at Intel, who gave a talk about his journey into the industry after university and insights into Intel's goals as a company. 

We'll be announcing the esports and gaming professionals who are part of the buddy programme soon and keep your eyes peeled for announcements on the first Intel FutureGen session which will be broadcast online for everyone to watch.

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