Genshin Impact Boss Speedrun Wrap-up



Thank you everybody for submitting your runs to the Boss Speedrun Competition! This time around, we asked the community to defeat the new Jadeplume Terrorshroom boss from Sumeru as fast as possible. We were thrilled to see the engagement on this competition and we will definitely do more in the future!

Congratulations to Ainsel, who had the winning run of 2.97s! Check out their run as well as the ingenious set-up that they did here: 

We also wanted to give a honourable mention to Savagery and their 5.9s run. Raiden Shogun definitely seems to have been the optimal strategy for this challenge and we're glad to see you found it.

Excited for more Genshin Impact NSE activity? Check out the Genshin Impact Art Competition that we have going on this month if you want to display your drawing skills and win some Amazon Gift cards. And don't worry, we will see more speedruns in the future!