Congratulations on finishing your A-Levels! Now find out how to get involved with University Esports!



Congratulations on getting into university! Now that you're thinking about what activities to get involved in for the upcoming year, it's the perfect time to get stuck in with everything university esports has to offer. 

NSE is the official body of UK university esports and is partnered with British Universities & Colleges Sport (BUCS). We're the largest grassroots gaming community in the UK, and we run the British University Esports Championship (BUEC) every year in the Winter and Spring terms, where competing will earn points for your university to hopefully be crowned with the prestigious title of "Esports University of the Year".

We pride ourselves on providing a platform for competitive excellence and community spirit, so whether you're already a pro, looking to improve, or you've never competed in esports before, you've come to the right place!

We also run less competitive community events each month and through the summer, so if you're not the tournament type or just want to connect with others in the university gaming community, check out what we have going on each month.

Here's how to get involved...


Step 1: Find the Esports Society at your university

The easiest (and most fun) way to participate in our tournaments is by joining your university's esports society. They're a great way to meet other gaming enthusiasts from your university, make teams and also friends. Once you're ready, head to the 2023 University Society Directory to find the relevant society for you and their Discord, social media and website links.


Step 2: Make an NSE account

In order to sign up for any of our tournaments, we require you to have a verified NSE account with your university email address. It's quick and easy to set up; just click here to create an account.

Don't panic if you don't have your university email address yet - you can use a personal one temporarily and update your account later.

Step 3: Join the NSE Discord and follow us on social media

The NSE Discord is the go-to place for all of our updates, whether that's about exciting opportunities, giveaways, competitions, or, of course, tournament news. It's also where you can meet the rest of the NSE community and get involved in other activities we run. Join it here.

Make sure to also follow us on our various social media:



Having problems making an account or have a question? Message one of the NSE Staff in Discord or email us at, and we'll gladly help.