BUEC Winter 2021 Wrap Up



The BUEC Winter season is over! The games are finished and the points have been counted. 98 universities have joined the fight to be crowned Esports University of the Year which will happen at the end of spring. Let's see what happened...

Consistency is key and interestingly, the top two universities in our standings are in the exact same places as they were in Winter 2020. University of Warwick is leading the pack with a staggering 2,037 points with Staffordshire University following in second place. Loughborough University has swooped in to claim third place after finishing in sixth last winter.

The University of Manchester is the most improved university, UoM Esports placed 46th last year and are now sitting at 16th - a HUGE leap of 487 points!

There is plenty still to play for, not least in the top ten leaderboard where there is only a 47 points difference between fourth-placed Southampton and seventh-placed Birmingham. Compared to last year there are five new universities joining this exclusive top ten group with Swansea University, University of Birmingham, University of Exeter, University of the West of England and University of Bath all displaying impressive performances.

There has been fierce competition right across the UK with the regional rivalry hotting up ahead of the Spring Season. The current standings of the Best Regional Esports Universities for Winter 2021 are:

  • Best in Scotland: Heriot-Watt University
  • Best in Wales: Swansea University
  • Best in Northern Ireland: Queen's University Belfast
  • Best in England: Warwick University
  • Best in London: University College London

Well done to the teams that performed well this winter, but don't get too comfortable, with small point differences between many teams, everything could change in our Spring season!

Keep your eyes and ears open for sign-up announcements in January.

The Top 10

You can see the points table overview here and a full breakdown here.


Winning Teams and Players of Winter 2021

First place: Rush Bee (University of Manchester)
Second place: Team Four (University of Southampton)
Third place: g12 (University of Glasgow)



Dota 2
First place: UCl Instant Reflex (University College London)
Second place: Warwick Ducks (University of Warwick)
Third place: Blood Bath (University of Bath)



League of Legends
First place: Grey Warwick (University of Warwick)
Second place: DMU T1 (De Montfort University)
Third place: UoM T1 (University of Manchester)



First place: Portsmouth Paladins (University Of Portsmouth)
Second place: Watermelon Waddlers (Staffordshire University)
Third place: Team Dynasty (Roehampton University)



Rainbow Six Siege
First place: Lovebros (Loughborough University)
Second place: Leads (University Of Leeds)
Third place: Swansea Storm (Swansea University)



Rocket League
First place: Keele Krackens (Keele University)
Second place: Portsmouth Paladins (University of Portsmouth)
Third place: Salford Lions (University of Salford)



First place: KCL Lions (King's College London)
Second place: Birmingham Bulls (University of Birmingham)
Third place: Swansea Academy (Swansea University)



Super Smash Bros Teams
First place: Where are our pins (University of Exeter)
Second place: Apex Reborn (Staffordshire University)
Third place: Smash in the Bath (University of Bath)


Super Smash Bros Single Player Cups
October first place: Phillip Chamberlain (Staffordshire University)
October second place: George Humphreys (Staffordshire University)
October third place: Toby Thurgood (University of Warwick)

November first place: Sabahodin Sharaf (University of Westminster)
November second place: Phillip Chamberlain (Staffordshire University)
November third place: George Humphreys (Staffordshire University)


Teamfight Tactics Cups
October first place: WLoughran (Northumbria University)
October second place: Temlozz (University of Birmingham)
October third place: Joshy Chan (Birmingham City University)

November first place: Temlozz (University of Birmingham)
November second place: SmileyCereal (Lancaster University)
November third place: Me71 (Durham University)


GT Championship (BUSR)
First place: Angus Fender (Oxford Brookes University)
Second place: Jack Noller (Oxford Brookes University)
Third place: Ish Shah (Coventry University)


F1 2021 Championship (BUSR)
First place: Lewis Grant-Smith (London South Bank University)
Second place: Lucas Ulitschnik (Staffordshire University)
Third place: Ahmed Atcha (Lancaster University)


Melty Blood (UFG)
First place: Large Lad (University of Hull)
Second place: Sherlock is Home (Manchester Metropolitan University)
Third place: TitanicWomble (Teesside University)


Guilty Gear Strive (UFG)
First place: Lament (University of East Anglia)
Second place: Duck (University of Reading)
Third place: Rahil (Brunel University)


Tekken (UFG)
First place: Tahuru (University of Warwick)
Second place: BrokenCellz (University of Birmingham)
Third place: Dan Bridges (University of Warwick)



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