Terraria Community Week


02/03/2019 @ 17:00
08/03/2019 @ 23:59

NSE goes back to the roots to play some vanilla Terraria!

For the week commencing the 2nd March we invite students to join us on our server, build a house and meet new friends! If the server proves popular enough we will keep the server live after the week finishes.

If you wish to score points in the Community Cup for your university, join the server and build a house and send us a screenshot of the house to earn a point.

Make sure you join the Discord server in order to find more information and talk to other Terraria players within university:


In addition to following normal NSE code of conduct we ask players do not:

  • Steal things from other people’s chests without permission.
  • Blowing up other people’s structures.

If you are having any issues with other players behavior please contact Community Team and if possible provide a video/screenshot evidence.