SpecialEffect - GameBlast19


22/02/2019 @ 00:00
24/02/2019 @ 23:59

National Initiative 




It's the best reason to game ever! Organise your own gaming challenge during 22-24 February and help SpecialEffect to level the playing field for disabled gamers.


The money you raise through your GameBlasting is going to enable SpecialEffect to transform the quality of hundreds of lives through video games. By using technology ranging from modified joypads to eye-control, we’re finding a way for people with disabilities to play to the very best of their abilities.

We visit people to find out what they want to play, and exactly what they need to play it. We’ll then match, modify or create equipment to lend to them, and give support so they can get the best out of it.

So take a look at how your amazing fundraising has helped people like John, who overcome his muscular dystrophy and take on GTA and Forza again, or Charlotte, who lost her lower arms through meningitis. We’re travelling all across the UK to bring the magic of games to people like Marley, who uses four chin joysticks to play games, Corey, who loves to play football, and David, who’s racing again. They’re just a few of the hundreds of people that wouldn’t be able to play video games if it wasn’t for your support.

You’ve helped us to bring the gift of inclusion for so many gamers both across the UK and globally through our assessments, our advice service and our accessibility collaboration with developers. You’ve levelled the playing field, brought families and friends together and inspired us to carry on lifting the lives of people through the power of video games.

Demand for our help is increasing all the time, but because of the support you’ve given, we’re able to offer all of our services at no charge and concentrate simply on aiming to do whatever it takes to raise the quality of life for everyone we work with.

We can’t thank you enough.

If you think we might be able to help you, or someone you know, who has a disability – or you simply want to find out more about us – hop over to our website.