Bailrigg 6


10/11/2018 @ 09:00
10/11/2018 @ 20:00

Lancaster University

Lancaster, LA1 4YW United Kingdom




Lancaster University is once again proud to host its next Smash event with a twist, Bailrigg 6! Run by LUGES, as our final Smash 4 event, we are running both Smash 4 Singles, Smash 4 Doubles and a new challenger, DRAGON BALL FighterZ.


Early Venue Fee (until October 10th, 10pm): £4
Regular Venue Fee (until November 1st, 10pm): £5
Late Venue Fee (until November 8th, 10pm): £6
Smash 4 Singles Entry Fee (96-player cap): £5
Smash 4 Doubles Entry Fee (24-player/12-team cap): £3 per player
DRAGON BALL FighterZ Entry Fee (32-player cap): £5

Venue/Admin Fee is reduced by £1 for those who bring a console or by £2 to those who bring a console and a TV/monitor

Members of LUGES also pay no Venue/Admin Fee! (The discount code should be received in your weekly newsletter)

Joining LUGES costs £5 for the academic year, which grants a £10 saving for 3 Bailrigg events! Join us here:

Unfortunately, we are unable to provide on-site housing; however, if you need housing, please fill in this form.

If you know in advance you are unable to make it after signing up, message a TO and we will be able to reimburse your tournament entry fees, but not venue fee. (Deadline Wednesday 7th November, 12pm, otherwise no entry will be refunded).


09:00: Venue opens
10:30: Wave A Pools begin
12:30: Wave B Pools begin
14:30: Lunch Break
15:30: Bracket begins
20:00: Event ends


We hugely appreciate any equipment competitors are able to bring! We are providing a £1 discount on the venue fee if you are able to bring a console/TV/monitor and £2 discount if you are able to bring a full setup.

Please fill in this form if you are planning on bringing any equipment:

Special thanks to StreetSmash Manchester for providing the stream!

- Registration closes Thursday 8th November, 10pm