NSE at Insomnia Gaming Festival 68 roundup


5 months ago

Our first LAN BUEC finals since pre-covid took place at an eventful weekend at Insomnia Gaming Festival 68. It was amazing seeing so many students get together in person and have a great time! Here are some of our most memorable parts of the weekend:

Build Day

The NSE team started their weekend early on Wednesday evening to get everything ready for all the BYOC students and finalists attending. 

NSE stocked up with Monster

Monster supported the NSE BYOC area by keeping 4 fridges stocked up all weekend, exclusively for students to fuel themselves to their delight. 

The FutureGen cohort at Insomnia

Many of our Intel FutureGen cohort managed to make it down to the NEC and see the BUEC finals live in-person. This also provided a great opportunity for the majority of the cohort to meet face to face for the first time!

The Monster Tower

Students took it to themselves to start making a Monster Energy can tower over the weekend, this was still only probably about a third or quarter of how many Monster's were drank over the weekend!

Northumbria were our socks winners

Warwick won their only final for one reason

The NSE head pop 


Team Four's CS:GO story arc

Team Four (Southampton) didn't manage to defeat Rush Bee (Manchester) in the Winter finals but on LAN they were unstoppable and put together an amazing video of their story!


BUEC POINTS TABLE - We will be announcing our full BUEC points table update and wrap-up tomorrow so keep an eye out for that!



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