Yu-Gi-Oh! Master Duel Summer Progression Series

Yu-Gi-Oh! Master Duel
August 1st

Bo3 Swiss Progression Series, no side decks.
Note that the tournament format is subject to change depending on the number of signups. Please join the discord server and wait for more information nearer the time.


Online ( - New Server)


You didn’t ask for it, but we made it anyway! This summer, we’ll be running a Master Duel Progression Series, with free entry for anyone currently studying at a UK University.


But what’s a Progression Series?

A progression series takes place over a number of weeks, with all participants starting with a fresh account. Each week they open a set number of packs and try to assemble a playable deck from their collection. No crafting is allowed by default, and everyone will be running strange, incomplete decks. Check out any episode of the hilarious Dzeeff vs Farfa MD Saga here for more of an idea:


We’ll be aiming for people to play 2 Bo3 matches per week, with opponents revealed at midnight every Sunday. Players will then be welcome to arrange a time of their convenience to play against their opponent within the following week. Hence so long as you can commit a flexible 2 hours a week to playing, you should be able to take part!

Wins will be essential for winning the overall competition, but losses will earn you points to spend on catch-up bonuses like extra pack openings, secret pack selection, or even a craft! 


This will be a closed deck list event, with no siding.


Exact details for the event will be released nearer the time. Please register your interest in the event here and join the discord to receive updates and further information.

Prizes will be awarded at the end of the series, but be aware this event is mostly intended to be some summer fun!

All proceedings will be coordinated via Battlefy, and all communications will be distributed via our Discord.

Discord Link: - Please note this is a different Server to our first event, and a more permanent home for future events.

To take part, please first register here, then join the Discord, where once your registration has been verified, you will gain access to the Yu-Gi-Oh! Announcements channel. From here you will be alerted to updates on this event, and a link to register via Battlefy in August 2022.

Please log in to register for this tournament

Eligibility Criteria

  • All players must be current students at a UK university.
  • All players must have an eligible National Student Esports (NSE) account. 


Tournament Rules

  • No players may be added to the tournament once Round 1 has begun.
  • All players must also register and submit decklists on Battlefy by Round 1 of the event. Links to the Battlefy event page will be provided via the tournament Discord.
  • All matches are Bo3 without siding
  • All matches are to be played as an individual, without external support.
  • Slowplay which is delaying the progression of the Swiss bracket may be penalised.
  • Not turning up for a game or week of competition will be penalised.

Admin rulings will be guided by the Konami TCG Tournament Policy, if applicable ( If not, disputes will be handled on a case-by-case basis

Starting Monday 1st August 2022, 2 games a week at time of players discretion.
More details to be announced closer to the time in the discord server.

All times will be provided in GMT. All players will be expected at reasonable times for GMT time zones.