Yu-Gi-Oh! Master Duel Solo Cup 3

Yu-Gi-Oh! Master Duel
Saturday 5th November

Bo1 swiss bracket followed by Bo3 single elimination for top performing players from each university.

Note that the tournament format is subject to change and the number of rounds will depend on the signups.


Online ( - UKUCG Discord Server)


Welcome to the third UK University event for Yu-Gi-Oh! Master Duel!


Come use the new packs and test your decks with an inter-university tournament.


On Saturday, 5th November we will be hosting an online Bo1 swiss  tournament with the top cut competing in a Bo3 single elimination bracket afterwards.


This is an open deck list event, so you will need to submit your list on Battlefy before the event starts.


Prizes will be awarded to the winner of both the swiss rounds and the top-cut. Prizes will be awarded as game store credit.

Swiss victory: £10
1st: £20
2nd: £14
3rd: £10 

4th: £4

All proceedings will be coordinated via Battlefy, and all communications will be distributed via our Discord.

UK University Card Games Discord Link:

To take part, please first register here, then, join the Discord. Once your registration has been verified there, you will gain access to the Battlefy. From here you will be able to register and submit decklists, and see announcements in the Discord.

Please log in to register for this tournament

Eligibility Criteria

  • All players must be current students at a UK university.
  • All players must have an eligible National Student Esports (NSE) account. 


Tournament Rules

  • All players should register on the NSE website by 23:59 on Friday, 4th November. Late registrations may incur a Round 1 loss. No players may be added to the tournament once Round 1 has begun.
  • All players must also register and submit decklists on Battlefy by 12:00 on Saturday 5th November. Links to the Battlefy event page will be provided via the tournament Discord.
  • Decklists will be available to all players (via Battlefy)
  • The same deck must be used throughout the event.
  • All Swiss matches are Bo1.
  • All single elimination matches are Bo3 without siding
  • All matches are to be played as an individual, without external support.
  • Slowplay which is delaying the progression of the Swiss bracket may be penalised.

Admin rulings will be guided by the Konami TCG Tournament Policy, if applicable ( If not, disputes will be handled on a case-by-case basis.

Saturday, 5th November


Battlefy Registration Closes: 12:00

Tournament Briefing on Discord: 12:45


Swiss Rounds Start: 13:00

Swiss Rounds End: ~15:45

Single Elimination Rounds Start: ~16:00

Single Elimination Final: ~16:45

Finish: ~17:30


Note that start times and end times for the brackets will depend on the players and universities registered. Matches will be played as soon as all matches from the previous round have completed and players are ready and available.


All times are in GMT.