Legends of Runeterra University League - Winter 2022

Legends of Runeterra
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12th & 18th November

All matches will be Bo3 Tournament Mode.

There will be 4 rounds of Swiss, cutting to a single elimination top 8 bracket.


Note that the tournament format is subject to change and will depend on the number of signups.


Signups close 23:59 Friday 11th November


The first event of the Legends of Runeterra University League is here!


There will be 4 rounds of Swiss on Saturday 12th November at 1pm. After the Swiss rounds, the top 8 players will then play a single elimination bracket on Friday 18th November at 6pm to see who will become the inaugural LoR University League champion!

To take part, please register on the NSE website, then join the UK University Card Games Discord: All announcements for the event will be posted on Discord.


Once your registration has been verified, a link to the tournament Battlefy will be made available to you via the UK University Card Games Discord. Once signed up on Battlefy, you will be able to view your opponents and submit decklists each week.

Prizes will be available for this tournament, but are TBC.

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Eligibility Criteria

  • All players must be current students at a UK university.
  • Players register and compete as individuals.
  • All players must have an eligible National Student Esports (NSE) account. 


Tournament Rules

  • All players should register on the NSE website by 23:59 on Friday 11th November. Late registrations may incur a Round 1 loss. No players may be added to the tournament once Round 1 has begun.
  • All players must also register and submit decklists for Swiss Rounds on Battlefy by 12:30pm on Saturday 12th November. Decklists for Single Elimination must be submitted by 5:30pm on Friday 18th November.
  • All matches will be played on the EU shard.
  • All matches are Bo3 Tournament Mode.
  • All matches are open decklist.
  • Deck trackers are permitted to be used.

Matches will be played in accordance with the Seasonal Tournaments Global Player Policy. All admin rulings will be guided by the Player Policy. Any disputes on the day will be handled by the assigned arbiter, who will be independent of any involved organisation, and whose decision is final.

Saturday 12th November

Deck Submission Closes: 12:30pm

Tournament Briefing on Discord: 12:45pm

Round 1 Start: 1pm

Round 2 Start: ~2:05pm

Break ~3:10-3:40pm

Round 3 Start: ~3:40pm

Round 4 Start: ~4:45pm


Friday 18th November

Deck Submission Closes: 5:30pm

Tournament Briefing on Discord: 5:45pm

Quarter Finals Start: 6:00pm

Semi Finals Start: ~7:05pm

Grand Finals Start: ~8:10pm


Note that start times for round 2 onwards each day are estimates only. 


All times are in GMT.