Smash 4 Community Tournament

Smash 4
Day of week

Singles, Bo3 Double elimination


Online game found via Discord


Fighting games in the UK university space have continued to grow. Fighting games are ideally played offline so won’t be included in the British University Esports Championship until we find a practical solution to this problem. Until that time we want to make sure fighting game enthusiasts at university still have events to take part in. To kick off we will be running a Smash 4 Community Cup 3rd November.

Signups are limited to first 64 players on a first come first serve basis.



£10 Game Voucher


This event is run by the NSE Community Team


Neutral stages:
- Ω Palutena's Temple/Final Destination
- Battlefield
- Smashville
- Town & City
- Lylat Cruise
Counterpick stages:
- Dreamland 64


On the challonge bracket the person seeded lowest (on the bottom of the bracket) bans first. Second person then bans two maps, then first person picks from the two remaining. On second match winner bans one, loser picks from remainder including dreamland. Same for game three.

You can’t pick a map you’ve won on previously (Dave’s Stupid Rule).

You can gentleman’s map selection.


All characters allowed (Mii’s have to be guest Mii’s). Custom moves not allowed.


2 stocks, 6 minutes
Items: OFF & NONE Custom Moves: OFF Equipment: OFF

Miis: Guest XXXX LEGAL



No inappropriate things written in taunt chat boxes as per usual NSE rules.

Taunting allowed. General sportsmanlike attitude expected.

Skin mod packs are allowed so long as it doesn’t affect the game.

People will be DQed if they do not respond to a match request within 15 minutes. Screenshot evidence will have to be provided.

Please be considerate about your connection. Anyone found to have really bad connection will be DQ'd.

If players disconnect, if they both agree to it, they can restart the match. However, if the disconnect happens a 2nd time during their set or one of them does not agree to restart the game, then the person who disconnected will be DQ'd.

Only 2 people per console, please. Having more than 2 people on a console during the tournament delays it by a lot.

You are allowed to quit out of a match within the first 30 seconds if there is lag. Issues will be dealt with case-by-case, but this is a general rule of thumb.

Check In Deadline (via google form linked in discord) 4:30pm

Players Meeting 4.45pm

Round 1 5pm