NSE Teamfight Tactics EGX Cup

Team Fight Tactics
Riot Id

Single elimination


Online Qualifier

Finals EGX London


Signups are now closed to find matches and check in visit https://tournaments.nse.gg. You will need to relogin.

NSE Teamfight Tactics EGX Cup will run for 2 stages, Online Qualifer and Live Finals at EGX.

During qualifier players will be put into groups of 8 with top 4 from each group advancing to next round. 



Top 8 Players of online tournament win a trip to EGX to play in Live finals on Saturday 19th October


Players at live final will have chance to win additional monster goodies and 1st place will take home a months supply of monster energy and a INTEL NUC KIT NUC8I7HVK

All players must be current students.

All games take place on EUW server.

Points for best of three/four

Finish Position Points
1st 8
2nd 7
3rd 6
4th 5
5th 4
6th 3
7th 2
8th 1

In the event of a tie highest position in match is used as a tiebreak, If still tied the finish position in final game of match is used.

Players are expected to arrive promptly to all games. If a player is more than 15 minutes late for start of game they will not be included in that game.

Top 2 players should take screenshot of lobby after every game.

If there are less than 8 players in a group matches will que as a group and play with other players on the EUW server. Top 4 players from the group will advance to next round.

Offensive Summoner names are not allowed. Players are expected to uphold the NSE Code of Conduct at all times whilst playing in tournament.

If a player is unable to attend live finals highest finishing player will take their place instead.

Qualifying games take place across 2 days Saturday the 5th of October and Sunday the 6th of October.

Round times are approx and may be delayed if games run long. Schedule is provisional and may be adjusted based on final signups.

Saturday 5th October
Time Round
17:30 Check in Closes
18:00 Round of 128
18:45 Round of 64 
19:30 Round of 32 bo3
18:00 Top 16 bo4
Saturday 19th October
Live Finals at EGX