NSE - Left 4 Dead 2 Community Tournament

Left 4 Dead 2

4v4 Versus, whichever team gets the most points wins.

Mixed university teams are allowed, let us know before the event starts if there is a particular team you would like to be teamed with.

The number of rounds played will depend on number of signups





Teams of 4 will fight to see who the best Left 4 Dead 2 players around are! This tournament will be run using the community team channel in the NSE Discord.

If you dont have a team and want to play go to single player signup and will will team you with other solo players




Do not deliberately go out of bounds or perform other skips, for example:

- Dark Carnival 1: It is forbidden to skip the bridge area by jumping on the crashed truck as it breaks Tank spawns.
- Dead Center 1: It is forbidden to skip any part of the map by using a shortcut by jumping downstairs via window or balcony.
- Hard Rain 2 & 3: It is forbidden to spit on top, inside or underneath the elevator as long as it is moving and the doors are closed.
- Hard Rain 3: It is forbidden to walk on the roof on the right side at the beginning of the map.
- Swamp Fever 2: It is forbidden to pass the airplane without triggering the crescendo.
- Swamp Fever 3: It is forbidden to pass the crescendo event by jumping on the rocks nearby.

Some of the above have been patched out, but are used as examples of unacceptable skips.

It is forbidden to stay in the saferoom during a tank fight. Survivors may enter the saferoom one by one only to take ammo. The exceptions to this rule are the following maps: Dead Center 1, Dark Carnival 1, No Mercy 1.

It is forbidden to spawn the charger and charge the survivors at the same moment you are getting the Tank.

It is forbidden to block the opposing team from either ascending or descending on a ladder (either as survivors or as infected).

Changing crosshair appearance and using customized glowscripts is allowed. Any other modifications to the appearance of the game are not allowed.


Maps & Campaigns

We will not be playing the DLC campaigns.

There are 5 base campaigns in total, which are made up of 4 / 5 maps (including finale). Each total length of each campaign is about the same.

Random seeding with challonge, team on the bottom of the bracket gets first ban.

Map picking process: 1st team bans, 2nd team bans, 1st team bans and then 2nd team picks of the remaining 2.

Map order:

Map 2nd team picked first (bottom bracket picks which side to start on)

Map 2nd team didn’t pick first (loser picks which side to start on)

1st team second ban (loser picks which side to start on)


There are no servers, we will just play regular online.

All games are played on Saturday 2nd November. Number of games will be determined by signups.

Time Event
4:45pm Captain's Meeting in Discord
5:00pm Tournament Starts