British University Sim Racing are hosting their second year of events for the racing fans.

British University Sim Racing is proud to announce that we will be using NSE's platform for our Second spring season! This will allow our leagues to grow in numbers significantly, and drivers will be able to earn points towards the BUEC for their university!

We will be running 3 leagues spanning over 8 weeks on F1 2021, Assetto Corsa Competizione, and DiRT Rally 2.0, with 8 events in each. You can find the signups to these below.

Be sure to join our Discord to be kept up to date, or follow us on Twitter & Instagram. We also stream each race we do live on Twitch!

Tournament Information:

BUSR F1 Spring Championship
The BUSR F1 Spring Championship is split into 2 stages. Qualifying Night on the 5th of February with main event starting on the 12th of February.

BUSR GT Spring Championship
The BUSR GT Spring Championship consists of 8 events, one per week starting on the 7th of February.

BUSR Rally Spring Championship
Each event lasts for an entire week and students are able to complete the rally on their own time.