Stay at Home Series

By popular demand, we're bringing the NSE Stay at Home Series supported by Monster Energy back and now open to alumni as well as regular students!

The NSE Stay at Home Series comprises three cups across three popular esports titles, League of Legends and VALORANT each feature a £500 prize pool, with the British University Sim Racing featuring a £250 prize pool. In addition, the winning teams and players will also win Monster Energy Stock Drops.

However, you don’t have to be the best to win a prize! During the swiss stage of League of Legends and VALORANT, every player entering the NSE Stay at Home Series will have a chance to win with the bounty boards for each game below.

Sign-ups are open now, you can find the schedule and further information below. We'll also be streaming the final day of each cup over on our Twitch channel  so make sure you follow us there!