The Reverification Process 2022/23


3 weeks ago

The Reverification Process

In September each year, we require all players to reverify their accounts. The process is super simple; you will receive an email from us on your university email address with a "Re-Verify Now' button in it. Click on that and you're all done!

This process confirms that you have access to your university email address and serves as a preliminary eligibility check for NSE competitions. Once verified, you'll have the ability to join tournaments, post articles, and more.

Please remember that to enter championship tournaments, you must be enrolled on a full-time course at an eligible university in the relevant academic year. Having access to a university email address alone does not make you eligible and you may be asked to demonstrate your student status in other ways later on.

For full eligibility requirements please consult the relevant tournament rule book in the Resources section of the NSE website.

If you are having issues with the verification process, please email us at and we can help!


Account Status

You'll notice that this system means that each year, all student accounts will temporarily become Alumni accounts until re-verified (even if you're still at university). 

Team Status

As with user account status, each year, all teams will temporarily become alumni teams. Once the team's players have re-verified their accounts, or the remaining alumni members have been kicked, the team's status will revert to student status and it will become eligible to play in competitions again. 

Alumni Accounts and Teams

Have you graduated and still want to be involved in the community? Look no further! Although you can no longer play in the BUEC championship, we run monthly community events that are open to both students and alumni! Moreover, you are also welcome to play in the Summer championship! To see what's on, check out the Alumni Arena section on the website.

If you previously had an NSE account while you were a student, your account will now automatically be converted to an alumni account.

If you didn't have an NSE account before you graduated, check out the Alumni Arena for instructions on how to set up an account.


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