The Free Society Jersey Design Offer is Back!



Raven and NSE have partnered to offer an exclusive promotion for all current and new societies competing in the British University Esports Championship for 2020/2021. In addition you will no longer need to place a minimum order to get the design for free, freeing up smaller societies to go ahead with the design without having to worry about putting down a large order beforehand. 

The offer will end on 9th October 2020 so act now and don't miss your chance for this awesome opportunity.

Here's how to claim the offer

1) Go to the promotion page

2) Fill in the form and upload your society logo

3) Work with Raven's expert design team to create the jersey you want

4) Buy your new jerseys in the store!


Intel Logo on jersey

Our friends at Intel UK recognise how important representing your university is to you, and that team jerseys play a huge part in it. Intel UK are kindly providing £4.00 off the jersey RRP of £35.00, whilst also donating £4.00 of every sale to SpecialEffect. We know how much value adding a brand logo to your jersey can bring, you can also add the Intel logo to your society jersey design. 

The SpecialEffect Logo Discount is back

Last year we worked with Raven and SpecialEffect to deliver an offer that both supported charity and saved students money and we are pleased to confirm it is returning for the upcoming academic year. When ordering your society jersey through NSE you can elect to add the SpecialEffect badge to it as well. This will make the jersey £2 cheaper for you and we will donate £2 to SpecialEffect, a win-win!

NSE 20% Discount on all Jersey Purchases

Instead of using a code like last time, Raven have updated their website to reflect the 20% discount already. The NSE discount will also remain active throughout this year.