September Society of the Month - Royal Holloway University London


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We would like to congratulate Royal Holloway Gaming Society for becoming our Society of the Month! The society really impressed us with their great video production and esports trailer they submitted for our A-Level Results Day stream.


We asked RHUL to talk a little bit about where they got the idea to make such fantastic videos, what inspired them, and to credit the people responsible. Here's what they had to say:

"RHUL Esports is run through the wider RHUL Games Society, which manages everything gaming at Royal Holloway, and so our trailers include a lot from all aspects of what we run!

The ideas for the videos started with the beginning of our annual Charity live stream for SpecialEffect in 2019. A wonderful member of the community called Eden, and the person responsible for the live stream idea as a whole, has been our main editor for these excellent trailers and roundup videos. Still, other members of the committee, particularly Flossie and Ella, and wider society members have also helped out - everything we do here is a team effort! We're really fortunate to have some amazingly creative and skilled video editors in our soc. After the success of our first Charity live stream, we decided to keep up the tradition of making trailers and teaser videos to get people more hyped up each year!

So, when NSE got in touch for a video promo of our society and esports, we were in a great position to throw some clips together to show off our lovely group and the big events we run through the year. Tana, the current president, edited together the clips from previous trailers and videos and added some nice little graphics to make the new esports trailer (though we're definitely hoping to make one much more focused on our esports activity for next year rather than including so much of the rest of our gaming side!)" 

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