Rainbow 6 Siege - Winter 2020 - Week 2

As the third week of the NSE Rainbow 6 Siege approaches, we take a look at how week 2 played out as we confirmed our first two teams to make it into the playoffs starting 12th November. After some big upsets last week, we expect to see even more teams come through and beat old favourites with this promising to be a fascinating season.

With Exeter having beaten the titans of Lancaster last week, we decided to join them against Liverpool on Oregon for our first game of the stream.  While Exeter's defence held strong, in no small part thanks to the hard work of Sterxy.ENDGG, it was unsurprising to see their attack falter since they were playing with two substitutes, especially when playing against an undefeated and well-coordinated Liverpool.

In some ways, this was as much a game of fantastic individual performances as it was of team play, with 4 players scoring 4K’s throughout the match. Despite the outstanding individual performances throughout the game, this match would prove to be much closer than any individual, as both teams struggled to deal with player deficits: in fact, an interesting statistic to come out from this match was that in all rounds but one, the team that got the opening kill would then go on to win the round.

This statistic may appear unsurprising given the current meta, it seems obvious that the team with a man advantage should take the round. However, it is rare to see such a simple statistic so consistently decide the outcome of the round and it was a testament to each team’s ability to snowball one frag into the momentum needed to win the round and to the relatively even matchup of the players. 

Exeter began their defense promisingly, with an incredible "flawless" hold of Laundry/Supply which saw Macky263 earn 4 kills while holding pillar, a pivotal position on this site:

Liverpool, however, came back with a confident win on Dorms in the second round, with WolfPack.Rista planting the defuser while the rest of the team cleaned up what was left of the defenders. Sterxy claimed his 4k in the third round to give Exeter the lead again, though neither team could secure that lead as they continued to trade the remaining rounds of the half.

In an infamously defender sided meta, Liverpool would undoubtedly be pleased to end their attacking half at an even 3-3 round count. Carrying their momentum into their defensive half, Liverpool dominated the Exeter side as they won 4 consecutive rounds to take the match 7-3. 

Although a disappointing result for Exeter, they will be satisfied with their performance against a strong Liverpool side considering that they were playing with two substitutes. In fact, Exeter managed to rally in their next game and collected a 7-3 win against Chester while Liverpool lost to Loughborough’s LuffBruh 7-2, meaning both teams are still one win shy of qualifying for Championship playoffs. Despite each losing a game this week, both teams look to be strong contenders going forwards.

Meanwhile, Staffordshire’s new roster is proving that they are ready to take up the mantle left by the roster which won the previous Spring and Summer tournaments and retain the Championship title. With an undefeated record over their first three games, we joined them on Kafe Dostoyevsky as they looked to beat Abertay Dundee to confirm their spot in the play-offs. 

However, their opponents were equally determined to prove their worth. Abertay Dundee qualified for the Championship bracket in the Spring season, but sadly finished in the Third Division. They too came into this match having won all 3 of their previous games, including beating Swansea, who came 5th and 6th in the Winter 2019 and Spring 2020 seasons respectively, in their first match of the day. 

This looked to be an exciting match with both teams playing off the back of wins and with plenty at stake; the winner guaranteeing their place at the Championship play-offs.

Staffordshire started on attack and immediately took the first 2 rounds on Bar/Cocktail, thanks to Number.-3 earning a 4k in the opening round. He would continue to have a dominant performance, ending the attacking half with a 10:2 kill:death ratio. 

Abertay quickly struck back to even the score by winning their Kitchen and Bar/Cocktail defences in rounds 3 and 4, but Santa.ENDGG managed to get a plant off for Staffordshire and win round 5 in Reading/Fireplace. With Abertay once again winning Kitchen in round 6, the first half finished with a 3-3 scoreline. Given that Kafe is widely recognised as a defensive sided map, this was a good result for Staffordshire. But with things still looking close, there was all to play for in the second half.

Abertay started strong on their attack, taking their first round with a decisive win on Bar/Cocktail in which Lunaryys planted. However, Staffordshire came back strong in the following round to win the same site through some impressive plant denial before going on to win the next 3 rounds in a row to close out the match with a 7-4 win. Although he had a fantastic attacking half, Number.-3 cooled off a bit on defense. However Santa.ENDGG stepped up to fill the void, getting 9 kills and only 2 deaths, showing the strength throughout the team. 

Having claimed every opening kill in the match to force their opponents to play at a deficit, Staffordshire’s aggressive playstyle has helped secure them their spot in the Championship bracket. They are certainly a force to be reckoned with this season as teams will need to adjust their playstyle to compensate for Staffordshire’s aggressiveness. 

The end of the second playday has given us our first 2 teams to qualify for the Championship playoffs, with Loughborough’s LuffBruh joining Staffordshire in having won all of their matches so far. Be sure to join us here at 7.15pm on Thursday 5th for the final day of Qualifiers as we find out which teams will be joining our two Championship qualifiers!

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