Oxford-Cambridge Esports Varsity 2022


5 months ago

The annual Oxford-Cambridge Esports Varsity is back for 2022! Book your calendars for Saturday the 25th and Sunday the 26th of June, where the two universities will battle it out live across 5 games to be crowned as the Esports Varsity Champion 2022. Oxford and Cambridge are currently tied for 4-4 and are both eager to take home the victory.

The event will be held at the Red Bull Esports Sphere in London and will be free to attend.

In addition to the show on stage, attendants will not only be able to network and meet fellow players in person, but they will also have the opportunity to take part in tournaments that will be run over the course of the event for various PC games, including TFT and League of Legends 1v1s.

Here’s the schedule of the main stage events: 

Saturday, 25th of June

11:30am - CS:GO

15:00pm - Valorant

Sunday, 26th of June

10:30am - Overwatch

15:30pm - League of Legends

18:00pm - Rocket League

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