NUSELO Top 20 Player Rankings - Part 2 - 10th to 1st

Here is Part 2 of the NUSELO Top 20 Player rankings for 10th to 1st. Players were selected by a combination of their Rating , roles and team placement of which had to have 10 or more matches.


10th - h1 - UCL Neanderthals

h1 has to be one of the best mechanical talents in University CS, crazy pugstar and insane teammate always trying to fill the roles that need to be filled. h1 produced a ridiculous 1.52 rating across NSE & NUEL this season with the second highest ADR in the top 10 ranked teams. h1 was an extremely important factor for UCL’s success this season.

h1 went into the season with no real expectations , he only joined the team after playing some UCL 10mans and after some strong performances was invited to the main team and he thought it would be a good laugh. UCL ended up having a pretty good season, being in the top 3 ranked teams for the first 4 weeks of the season. UCL ended up finishing 5th in NSE after a 2-0 loss to Durham and finished 7th in NUEL. While a very respectable season , h1 likes to think that they could have done better and thinks with more practice they can achieve a higher placement next season.

h1 thinks Volt is the best rising talent in not just the collegiate scene but the UK scene. Volt was more of a super sub for KCL this season, helping them out with important playoff matches. However, he has had a very successful period in the professional scene playing for Fnatic academy and h1 thinks he is the hope for UK cs.


9th - Macky - UoN Archers

Macky is a surprise entry on this list, let alone in 9th, for a variety of reasons. Quite a few top teams did not think UoN Archers would make the playoffs and Macky after coming to Uni had mostly stopped playing CS. However, after an extremely strong season from both an individual and team level, Macky comes in at 9th in the top 20 for Winter. Macky has the second highest rating out of any main roster player in the top 40 teams with a 1.54 rating,  also ranking highly in Util ,Entry and CT stats.

This was Mackys second full season for UoN Archers and with a relatively new core and a handful of role changes, UoN ended up making NUEL Tiebreaks and finished 7th in NSE. Macky was really happy with how the team performed and in a couple of seasons have gone from Division 3 to beating the reigning champs. Macky was influential for the team, at various points across the season stepping in as the IGL, secondary caller , entry , second man in and bringing experience to the team in setups . Additionally alongside Bob helping the team with strats and practice. His impact on an individual level, but also how he has helped improve his teammates was hugely beneficial. 


A majority of the team have not played much team CS before and Macky was really impressed by how quickly they improved and think they all have a lot of potential to go further. UoN Archers ended up dropping out of the Lower Bracket after getting reverse swept by Durham and while annoying as Macky thinks they should’ve closed it out, he recognises they learnt a lot and can use the experience to improve for the future.

Outside of UoN , Macky was really impressed by xel5 , who is also on this list, and thinks he’s a rising talent. Macky is entering his final term of University so only has one more championship season left and hopes to do better and throw less. It will be interesting to see if UoN’s consistently improving performances continue and where they place next season.


8th - Dr SpadeS - Mama P

Mama P were one of three teams that were clearly a step above the rest, with consistent performances and eventually making both NSE & NUEL finals. Unlike nearly most teams in the top 15 they did not make any roster changes between seasons but have improved a lot as a core. One of those players to improve a lot and really helped Mama P’s season was Dr SpadeS.

Dr SpadeS is Mama P’s anchor / solo player with the teams best rating at 1.22. Dr SpadeS is in their second year and has played Uni CS for the past year and after joining the esports society was quickly slotted into the first team , who has been a consistent performer since.

This season has been a big improvement individually and for Mama P where they have been able to make the jump to go toe to toe with top teams. Dr SpadeS was still disappointed that Mama P weren’t able to win it all , particularly in NSE where it was a tight series. Two second place finishes is still  an amazing performance, Dr SpadeS efforts and improvement has had a clear impact with some of his best matches against some of Uni CS’ toughest opponents. Dr SpadeS aspires to win it all and if he is able to maintain his consistency and continue putting up impressive numbers against top teams they are in for another really strong season.

Dr SpadeS identifies Volt as the best rising star in University CS but also he suggests medidew. Medidew subbed in for Mama P for a few matches and performed quite well for them. Dr Spades is looking forward to seeing medidew continue in CS due to their strong understanding of CS and ability as a clutcher


7th - Shelf - Mama P

Mama P are infamous in University CS for playing “anti uni CS” with their rigorous setups and tactical game plans compared to the more duel heavy, brute force style you see from a lot of teams. This approach can be attributed to their IGL, Shelf.

Shelf is in his 3rd year at Warwick and only ended up on the team after joining the trials as a joke but by surprise was the best player to attend the trials. Shelf went into the season with high hopes after strong placing in Spring and Mama P managed to deliver , firmly placing in the top 3 , not losing to a single team in the top 12 other than KCL or UWE. Mama Ps trajectory is in a great direction, whilst placing 3rd again they have not regressed backwards unlike previously similarly placing teams T4 and Rush Bee showing their progress to be strong compared to their counterparts.

Shelf thinks Mama P’s toughest match was against Elo Recovery Service in the final week of NSE. In NSE Mama P had a bumpy start, having to use various stand-ins and had dropped two games, this meant they had to win their game against ERS to progress to Div 1. Mama P were under immense pressure this game as they felt Div 1 was the minimum for their season, additonally playing their matches in the Warwick Esports Centre and going up against the experienced Southampton IGL, Rudra, who is well versed in upsetting top teams. Mama P ended up prevailing in an extremely tight 16-14 series and in even more dramatic fashion managed to clinch an overtime 22-18 win over Qmul securing their place in Division 1. 

While eventually losing the match , Shelf selects their NSE final against KCL as their best match of the season. He feels that the level of CS being played was very high and enjoyed the high tension , hectic , fun match. He would’ve preferred a win but will save the sweetness for “when we beat them in Spring”.

Shelf also runs a Road to Global video series to help provide tips to help other players improve. Currently the priority in Warwick is to develop team cores first to provide a foundation and then the Road to Global series can be used as a library of video resources to help build and improve the team. It will be interesting to see how Warwick develops , as typically two of their teams already reach the first round of  Division 1 , and see the improvements this brings.

Mama P is the team with the least disparity in players Rating in the top 15 , while Shelf and Dr SpadeS have made the top 20 rankings , all of the roster had an extremely good season. Multiple teams have identified Mama P’s improvement between seasons and they definitely have the potential to challenge in future seasons.


6th - FAHUDEE - KCL Lions

KCL Lions like to keep their messages to me brief, gone are the days of Perthy being a guaranteed point of contact as KCL are now too busy winning everything. KCL usher in a new era having managed to win both NSE & NUEL, only ever faltering against Back Six, Mama P and UWE Sea stags. KCL had an extremely impactful season, firstly by proving that a 6 person roster subbing in depending on the map is feasible and effective, but more importantly showing that UWE was beatable.

FAHUDEE was a very important piece of the KCL machine, putting up a 1.18 rating , performing as a very effective entry for the team and being a HS machine. FAHUDEE is in his second year of University CS being one of 3 main members from last years KCL Lions roster and has majorly improvemed helping KCL go from 4th in the rankings to 1st. Now it’s a question of whether they can defend their title with a lot of teams at their heels.


5th - Beniyaz - KCL Lions


Beniyaz is in his 3rd year at KCL and has finally seen success, he is ecstatic about the result of this season. Beniyaz was the 2nd  top awper this season in the top 20 , only second to Maza who is no slouch, sporting a 1.21 Rating and having multiple impressive performances in crucial playoff matches.

Beniyaz found out from a friend that there was competive CS at KCL and has been on an upward trajectory ever since. He is a returning member of the KCL Lions roster, part of the previous years KCL core with FAHUDEE and Kou. At his time at Uni he has accomplished a lot , with the smaller achievements of winning NSE and NUEL but more importantly both playing with m0nesey and getting a 1v3 against him. The pressure is now on to see if the RWS monster can continue KCL’s winning streak next season.


4th - bevve - UWE Sea Stags

Bevve is rather underrated in the UK scene , however that couldn’t be further from the truth in the University scene. You can go to most Universities and ask them to name the top players in the University scene and bevves name will always come up, nearly every time it’ll be due to a Sea Stags thrashing.

Bevve came into University CS after playing on a team with crit and Magic before University and then ended up going to the same University as them. Crit continually went on about University CS so bevve decided to give it a shot and the rest is history really. Bevve decided to play as he enjoyed annoying crit. Multiple titles , fully paid trips to Cologne and prize money were all nice,  but tilting crit was the best prize for bevve.

Bevve is a versatile player , playing a variety of roles from support to lurk, while still managing to put up one of the highest ratings : 1.38 across NSE and NUEL. With bevve alone, any reasonably strong team would expect to do well. However, with his cohort of teammates you’d expect a win and bevve also held this view. Unfortunately, due to a season full of tech issues, schedule clashes and necessary substitutions,  their season finished with placing 3rd in NUEL. Given the circumstances it’s still an ok season, but compared to the Goliath UWE has been, it’s not unreasonable to expect better and bevve aspires to do better next season.

Bevve actually thinks that UWE’s best and toughest map was the same match in their UB NUEL Match against KCL. This was a match far above the ability of a typical university match, providing an extremely close series. KCL would end up winning the series, aided by volt who is a monster unleashed in the University leagues.

Bevve is decorated both in the University scene and recently in the UK scene, so his sights will be set on redemption next season. While UWE’s almost invincible atmosphere seems to have finally faltered , their roster is absolutely stacked and have to be one of the favourites next season.


3rd - lvn - UWE Sea Stags

The entire university scene breathed a sigh of relief after Sea Stags previous IGL , MRHUI, graduated. Unfortunately for their opponents, he was replaced by who his teammates described as the biggest brain in UKCS, LVN. 

Outside of a few teams, University CS is very loose and unstructured so lvn didn’t have to use too much of his IGL skill set other then “go kill”. UWE has always been viewed as untouchable , however, Durham and half natty did both prove UWE could bleed having very close 16-14 and 25-22 matches respectively. However, KCL were a real surprise and lvn had to take the match more seriously and call after they presented a very structured and skilled team , which is rarity in University CS. UWE eventually lost 2-0 and dropped to the lower bracket.

This is where their season would end for reasons described previously. An unfortunate end to a season for one of University CS’ strongest rosters. Still, an impressive performance for one of the UKs most talented IGLs who somehow has managed to juggle playing CS semi full time , a degree, taking on the position as the UWE CS rep and University leagues. Outside of the main university leagues , LVN comfortably won the Chillblast LAN and unsurprisingly was the best support player in NUSELO so the season atleast wasn’t fruitless.

LVN will enter his second season for UWE with high expectations and hopefully will have a smoother experience, potentially leading to UWE returning to their monster form.


2nd - crit - UWE Sea Stags

Arguably the greatest ever player in University CS, UWE vice president , LAN champion, 9 time University championship winner, crit.

Crit seems to continually talk about University CS and seeing as he has played probably the biggest role in creating the most successful University team of all time,  it’s well earned. Across multiple seasons, crit consistently puts up top ratings , culminating in a 1.52 rating this season. Crit turns up for near every match and importantly convinces people to actually play. Crits efforts have produced the University CS super team, winning nearly every game they play and their success can be attributed to both his efforts as a player and his commitment out of the game.

In his first term he “only” managed a top placement of 3rd in NSE, after that it is history with UWE going on to win near everything, securing back to back to back… championships. The UWE reign of terror had begun. It seems like over this period Crits sleep schedule has greatly suffered, as well as his tolerance to alcohol, but he has cemented himself as one of it not the best , and easily the most successful , to ever play in Uni CS. 

Through little fault of his own , UWE weren’t able to maintain their dominant reign but will certainly be a contender next season.


1st - Kisynergy - KCL Lions

Over half the players in the top 20 ranking when asked who the best talent was at another University all gave the same answer, Kisynergy. Compared to some of the other top talents you see through the years in University CS,  Kisynergy has a lot less years under his belt, less hours and only 2 seasons of ESEA. With his experience you wouldn’t expect anything magical but Kisynergy has gone above and beyond, producing one of the best performances in years.

Kisynergy actually came into University CS due to a chance DM earlier this term and since then he hasn’t looked back. Kisynergy is a breath of fresh air and is an incredibly nice guy. He feels extremely privileged to be a part of the scene , really appreciating KCL’s friendly community and is honoured to compete with and against such great players. While kind with his words he has absolutely terrorised University CS producing a ridiculous 1.47 rating over 27 matches , consistently performing against some of the strongest teams there are.

KCL Lions actually started the season with a loss against Mama P, this match rather kicked them into gear winning 23 of their next 26 maps, securing impressive wins such as a 2-0 over UWE Sea Stags, dethroning them and going on to win both NSE & NUEL. Kisynergy efforts cannot be understated, predominantly playing a lurk role but also entrying , supportive util and really helping the team out in clutch situations. An extremely successful first season of University CS.

Most teams will be disappointed to hear that Kisynergy is in his second year and has another year left in him. At the top of the list you’d expect there would be no one to pick as your rising star, however Volt isn’t eligible for this list and unsurprisingly Kisynergy picks him, describing him as “just too good”.

Outside of university CS, Kisynergy plays for China’s top team competing in Europe. He went 5-9 in his second season in Inters and also was the best statistical Uk based player in Inters. He is clearly an extremely talented player, great teammate and many players would love to see what impact he could have in UKCS if he decided to get more involved. Either way, Kisynergy will go into next season as the one to watch, with high hopes of retaining KCL’s titles.