NUSELO CS:GO Winter 22 - Top 20 Player Rankings - 11th - 20th

This is Part 1 of the NUSELO Winter 22 Top 20 Player rankings, featuring the players ranked from 11th-20th. Players were only considered if they had >10 maps across NSE & NUEL and were ranked based on their performances in NSE & NUEL, team placing and the role they play.


11th - JAUSTERE - Loughborough Lightning

Loughborough Lightning ended up having a very respectable season, narrowly missing out on NUEL tiebreaks, and qualifying for Division 1 NSE. Their season was greatly aided with the addition of JAUSTERE, Loughborough’s anchor & lurk, sporting a 1.62 Rating for the season. JAUSTERE was happy with how their NSE swiss went , with strong performances against Mama P, managing to beat them 16-12 in Week 2 but Loughborough ended up going 0-2 in Playoffs so ended up eliminated. 

JAUSTERE got into Uni cs after reaching out to crnB , another member of the Lightning roster, and after entering the 2nd year of Uni, fully joining the roster. Whilst having a busy schedule studying maths and playing CS semi - full time, the aim for next season is top 8 in both NSE & NUEL and it will be interesting to see Loughborough’s progression next year as their roster is rather talented even without the star of JAUSTERE, the team just need a bit more consistency

His pick for the best rising talent was Macky from UoN Archers who had an impressive rise in UK Circuit and he’d like to see him playing in ESEA.


12th - Slothie - Back Six

Slothie is one of two Back Six players to feature on this list, with a 1.42 Rating across the season and the 6th highest KAST% across players in the top 10 ranked teams. Back six had a very strong season, finishing 6th in the NUSELO Rankings and 9th in NSE. Slothie is one of Back Six’s riflers, primarily defaulting to lurk positions, but has the versatility to play a wide range of roles. An early 16-11 loss against UCL is a rather sour memory. Back Six did not let this affect them and were able to then bounce back winning their next 4 games in a row which is a good example of the determination they've had.

slothie was rather happy with their season, but as always it's frustrating getting knocked out and it's a slight step backwards for Back Six after an extremely strong previous season. Slothie had previously played quite a bit of competitive cs prior to going to Uni and after finding out about University Esports joined straight away in their 1st year and is now in their 4th year.

Slothie is aiming for the prize next season, with aspirations to win it all. He recognises his team is very strong and well rounded and thinks that they can win any match they go into and just had an unfortunate season plagued with subs and clashes. Whilst he is in his second last year in a Software Engineering degree , he still thinks he has more cs to give with further aspirations of progressing in ESEA leagues post degree.

His pick for best rising talent is the player ranked in 13th, Conzor, Back Six’s IGL. Also a special mention to Tree , who has newly joined the team this year and has been a key part of their success/

A player with vast experience in university cs and still a sizable chunk left to go.


13th - Conzor - Back Six

Conzor joins his teammate in the rankings, similarly sporting a 1.42 rating over the season, the second highest rating for an Awper in the top 10 ranked teams and one of the few players to have a spectacular 1v4 this season. Conzor is the IGL and also the Awper for Back Six. He’s more of an Awper by nature as the only reason he IGL’s is no one else can, nonetheless Back Six have had a string of successful seasons so it seems to be working. Conzor was disappointed with their performance against Durham in the Division 1 Lower Bracket, but Durham have had a huge rise this season so it's nothing to be too disappointed about. Additionally, at an individual level Conzor has had an extremely good , consistent year, also finding success subbing in for QUBers. 

Conzor aspires to have a better playoffs performance next split and it's rather the last dance as this will be his last split before graduating. Conzor gives a lot of praise to his teammates, slothie for the reasons listed above, Nico for being a very underrated player for back six but also their new star AJC. AJC plays the worst spots on every map whilst still putting up a good performance and Conzor would like to raise special attention to his endeavours.

Hopefully Conzor can have a successful final season.



14th - SK3L3T4L - Surrey Stags

SK3L3T4L is one of the bastions of University CS, playing since 2017 in over 415 matches.  He has managed to see it all, from Hench at NUEL to Hanno actually winning a championship. SK3L3T4L has been a key member for Surrey Stags and also for Surrey as their CSGO rep. After playing the most matches of University CS out of anyone in history, he's managed to pick up a fair bit of experience and is comfortable playing a little bit of every role, previously the IGL for Surrey Stags but from this season passing it over to Wilson whos taken well to the role.

Surrey dont have the best roster on paper, but overall had a really impressive season. They started the season on a 6 win streak, with a very impressive OT win over UCL Neanderthals which really set them up for the season. Later going on to run the gauntlet and qualify for NUEL Playoffs, besting everyone they faced in the tiebreaks. Surrey stags would finish the season in 8th in the NUSELO rankings which is no easy feat and had a very strong season. Surrey stags were greatly helped by SK3L3T4L’s leadership, where he also sported a 1.37 rating across the season, and some of the best entry stats in Division 1 really helped set up their games.

He has put madtOm- as the best upcoming player in Surrey and really thinks he can fill out his skillset and become an incredible talent for Surrey. SK3L3T4L also aspires to attend a LAN before retiring and it would be a  great way to mark the end of one of University cs’ most illustrious players.



15th - BliTz - Half natty headtappers

BliTz may absolutely despise having to carry me in UK Uni hub 10mans, however he had a very good season of University CS and is really happy with it. He came in with no expectations and was really pleased to get 3rd in NSE and place 5th-6th in NUEL. Half natty headtappers have continued to flip in the NUSELO Rankings with Durham Defenders across the entire season and have been almost impossible to distinguish in terms of who is better. Because of this, BliTz feels like they could've done a bit better by beating Durham in their final NUEL game but felt like it was the best they could do given the circumstances.

BliTz had his best matches against some of University cs’ most toughest opponents, UWE Sea stags who are the most successful team in history and against podbots who are the reigning champions, beating the latter 16-14 in the final map of Lower Bracket Round 3. Having your best matches against some of the best competition, whilst being a Fresher, is a huge accomplishment and is a good sign for Half natty’s future to come.

He’s identified ps1d4k as the best rising star in Lancaster, while late to the party, he is a player with great knowledge and also another Fresher. BliTz has a wealth of experience in the UK scene and was excited to get stuck in the second he knew what Uni he was going to and has been a key player as the second man in for Half natty. Half natty are a team that have always been rather successful and seem like they're well set up for the future.


16th - Arbor - Durham Defenders

Durham Defenders have had an amazing season, with a huge rise in performance finishing 4th in the NUSELO Rankings and two of their players ending up in the top 20. Arbor is in his 4th year at uni, 2nd year with Defenders and after a core change he's very happy with the new intake and how well they've done. There are still aspirations for more after coming very close to beating Mama P on multiple occasions and aiming for a top 3 minimum next season.

Durham Defenders nearly pulled off one of the most impressive comebacks of the year, from 15-8 on the deciding map in the Lower Bracket Semi Final to OT, but unfortunately the win fell out of their grasp. An unfortunate end to an impressive season with Arbor sporting a 1.22 rating.

Arbor has selected Sparkymarkypoo of the infamous Durham Disasters as their one to watch. Durham Disasters, famous for being the lowest ranked team in University cs, have some of the players in the scene and Sparkymarkypoo is definitely one of the players of all time.



17th - hexeN - Durham Defenders

hexeN portrays himself as the star of Durham Defenders, the star with the second best stats at least. hexeN is at least definitely talented in the juggling of academics and CS with managing to attend 2 lectures last year and still get a first.

hexeN has a very interesting playstyle and attempts to play University CS to its absolute roots with relentless aggression, taking a lot of map space and still manages to be versatile helping assist the Defenders with secondary calling. Overall having a strong consistent season and alongside Arbor helping rebuild Defenders into a hugely improved team. Alot of top teams view them as really improved so hexeN’s efforts in helping elevate have paid off.

hexeN views his best game as against Warwick on Overpass but has big aspirations to beat UWE next season after coming extremely close to doing it this season and definitely thinks it's possible. He’s very confident and thinks that he is a player to look out for and it will be interesting to see how Durham do next season after a huge rise in this one.



18th - xel5 - Brexeter

It would be wrong to not include the player who has the highest rating in Division 1 with a 1.54 rating across NSE, also making the chillblast LAN finals playing alongside the podbots core. xel5 and Brexeter had a very strong season, one of which he’s pretty happy with , where they ended up making Division 1 after the NSE swiss stage, after this point they were plagued with roster issues and weren't able to get their full team out which rather ended their season. Brexeter overall had a pretty good season, with definite flashes of brilliance such as a win over Durham Defenders and a very commanding 16-1 against Loughborough Lightning led by their IGL xel5 who consistently put up very strong ratings.

xel5 has had a pretty good start to their university cs after accidentally stumbling upon it and ever since producing huge ratings for an IGL, he aspires to make Division 1 again and if not there is always Valorant.


19th - Frosty - Podbots

The reigning NSE champion, previous season MVP and ex member of the famed Elo Recovery Service. It almost seemed to be destined that the success of last season would be continued. However, it wasn't meant to be. Josh thinks that Podbots were able to show their potential sporadically across the season , but with the calibre of players they have and being the reigning champions should have done a lot better, dropping from 2nd in the NUSELO Rankings in Spring to 10th.

Frosty has had one of the more unusual routes through University cs, with prior to going to University being rather involved with UKCS. Frosty previously was an active participant in UKPL alongside ESEA and ended up getting picked up by Evolved Gaming. However after a relatively weak season he left the team and to an extent UKCS to focus more on his Summer. He then utilised University CS to get back into competitive CS as he felt it was the perfect fit, joining Elo Recovery Service in Winter 21, then after an extremely strong performance he found himself promoted to T4 and went on to have an extremely strong season losing only 4 games out of 32.

Unfortunately, Frosty hasn't been able to re-emulate this magic. Podbots had some very tough matches against KCL Lions, playing them 3 times and losing all 3 of those matches. All 3 times they managed to get 10 rounds or above but were never able to close out the game. The season wasn't all one to forget with some strong performances, peaking with a 19-17 win over UCL Neanderthals to guarantee a NUEL playoffs spot after an impressive comeback and a strong performance from Frosty.

It was a season of fine margins, only ever getting less than 10 rounds against Mama P, UCL and UoN Archers. With a bit more luck the season could've gone very differently and as podbots had a core change since T4 there's still a bit to iron out and a lot of potential in the roster. Frosty was still able to produce a 1.27 rating over the season which is rather admirable.

Frosty views Unusual as the best rising talent in Southampton, who's been having a very successful performance in the FACEIT ladders recently, narrowly missing out on FPL-C-Q and is definitely one of the many rising stars in Southamptons seemingly endless pool of talent. Podbots are switching the IGL role from Frosty to Ting and he hopes they can build upon the season and aim for a top 3 finish going forward. The core of the team managed to reach the finals at the Chillblast Championship which is a potential sign of good things to come.



20th - Kenny Karry - Newclapped

Newclapped had a relatively quiet season, placing 15th in the NUSELO rankings and 10th in NSE. However Kenny Karry had an extremely impressive performance, producing a 1.43 rating and a 71% entry success. Newclapped had a quite strong season, with an impressive 16-6 win over Loughborough Lightning, Kenny found that after reaching Playoffs the matches were very tough and only managed to secure a win against Bristol Baked Beens. Still, making playoffs is a major achievement and definitely something to be proud of.

Kenny views his teammate Parkra1n as the best upcoming talent in Newcastle who is Newclapped’s IGL who had a hugely impressive 1.39 rating and threw the most utility in the top 15, barely missing out on making the top 20 player rankings and is likely the 21st player in the rankings. Kenny aspires to improve as an individual and achieve a higher placement next season and as they are a first year they've got a lot of time left to improve and develop.