NSE Welcomes Our New Spring Intern


last week

NSE runs three internships each year, the interns support the NSE team at different points during each season. They have the opportunity to gain paid professional experience in the esports industry, exposure to other areas of the business, develop various skills and network within the community.

We'd like to wish a warm welcome to Owen "Psycho" Williams as the new NSE Spring Intern. All the way from the University of Portsmouth, Owen has been a part of the NSE community for a while and has even won a few NSE Rocket League championships! 

During his Computer Science studies, Owen was an active member of the University of Portsmouth Esports Society as the Rocket League representative for multiple years, leading the Portsmouth Paladins to multiple BUEC titles and heading to the first Collegiate Rocket League World Championships to represent UK university Rocket League.

Owen's day-to-day responsibilities include; various admin projects, assisting in managing the NSE community, gathering relevant community feedback, drafting social media posts and promoting community engagement.


We've also got three new tournament admin applications open; Teamfight Tactics, Smash Ultimate and Overwatch 2:

We are looking for people with the following:

  • Good customer service skills.
  • Good knowledge of the wider community of their games.
  • A solid understanding of common tournament formats e.g. swiss, elimination, groups etc.
  • A passion for university esports.


  • Resolving on the night tournament issues.
  • Responding to player enquiries mid week.
  • Communicating tournament information to casters.
  • Planning future tournaments.
  • Assisting with tournament planning to better suit the needs of individual game communities.
  • Advising on rules updates, in particular in response to game patches.​

Applications close Sunday 29th January.

> Apply to be an admin here <


The pre-existing NSE team:

  • Alex Coulson
    Managing Director
  • Sam "Hibbo" Hibbert
    Business Director
  • Chris "Hench" Henshaw
    Head of League Operations
  • Dhillan "Kenny" Kumar
    League Operations Assistant
  • Becky "beedub" Wright
    Senior Partnerships Manager
  • Jordan "JordyUnKnown" Winslow
    Social Media & Community Manager

We’re a small close-knit team with a variety of backgrounds and experiences that helps us deliver the best experience for the students, partners, publishers, and all stakeholders. We are also supportive of each other, helping each member of the team succeed in their role, as well as their ranked games.


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