NSE Patch Notes 4.0



With the British University Esports Championship (BUEC) winter sign-ups in full swing, here’s a rundown of what we’ve updated for the upcoming season in the championship and on the website.

Rule Changes:

General Changes

  • Players are expected to uphold the code of code during the entire season, not just in matches. Any players who behave publicly in a way that makes members of the community feel unsafe may be suspended from championships.
  • Updated spectator rules establishing who is responsible for stream delays.

Dota 2

  • Updated dotatv delay to 2 minutes for unticketed matches and 5 minutes for ticketed.


  • Updated map pick rules for what happens after a draw. The team who picked the drawn map now have a choice of the following map
  • Crossplay is now allowed

Rainbow 6 Siege

  • Players are now required to use Moss anti-cheat for all tournament matches

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

  • Town and City moved to starter stages
  • Final Destination moved to counterpick stages


  • Fracture added to map pool. 
  • Adjusted pick/ban process to work for seven maps.


BUEC Points Updates:

  • Points available to be determined earlier:
    Points available for each championship will now be based on how many unique teams compete in the first three weeks of the event. This will allow us to publish the potential points available for each game before the season ends.

  • Changes to how points are awarded for smaller events:
    Points for BUEC are calculated using a master table for a team championship with more than 256 teams then applying reduction based on attendance and event type. For example, a single player championship is worth 50% of a team championship. For events that have multiple reductions (e.g single player, one day cup, less than 32 players), we will now calculate all reductions and then round up to the nearest whole point. We will also now require teams to win at least one match to earn points.

  • Changes to regional points
    Points for regional leagues will now be scaled based on the starting size of that region instead of the overall size of the tournament. 


Website Updates & Bug Fixes:

  • Tournaments tags:
    Tournaments now show a ‘student’ or ‘alumni’ tag to distinguish between the two. This will be especially useful when we launch our alumni events (more information on this in the next few weeks 👀).

  • Remember me:
    Added a ‘remember me’ option when logging into the website, saving you a few clicks.

  • Privacy features:
    Updated privacy features. Members now have to log in to view student pages.

  • Brand Assets and BUEC tournament badges:
    Tournament badges have a new, streamlined look for winter and going forward which are now available to download in the NSE and BUEC logo pack on the Resources section of the website.

  • Article updates:
    Tweets and Twitch clips can now be embedded into articles. Bullet points and scaling images in articles have also been tweaked to display correctly.

  • Events:
    The events page now displays current, upcoming and past events separately.

  • Sidebar:
    Sidebar menu on mobile phones now optimised.

  • Resources:
    Rulebooks have been updated for the 2021/2022 academic year. The resources section on the website is now updated and more streamlined.

  • Newsletter pop-up:
    New pop-up on the website allowing users to subscribe to the NSE monthly newsletter, keeping you updated with everything relating to the university esports community.

  • Code of conduct:
    Introduced code of conduct pop-up for new users when creating an NSE account. This pop-up gets reset every winter before sign-ups open.


Sign-ups are open now for BUEC Winter 2021, don’t miss out!



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