NSE and PCSpecialist Announce Partnership for 2022



We're super excited to announce today that we're partnering with PCSpecialist to bring the best in custom gaming PC and laptop configurations to the UK student community. Starting in 2022, the award-winning PC and laptop manufacturer will also become an official sponsor of the British University Esports Championship (BUEC).

The NSE and PCSpecialist partnership will bring new opportunities to the student esports community, giving aspiring writers and streamers the chance to review and sample cutting-edge technology and provide valuable feedback to their peers.

The partnership will also see students use PCSpecialist products at events, take advantage of special promotions throughout the year, and will bolster NSE’s prizing and giveaway offering to the community. This will kick-off with our 12 Days of Christmas campaign on the 25th of December.

Alex Coulson, Managing Director, NSE, said:
“PCSpecialist has a great reputation in the community for their high standards of quality, we couldn't be happier for them to come on board and support our passionate esports and gaming community. We’re excited for the potential this partnership has and how it has the capability to bring so much value back to the students throughout 2022.”

Robb Boyd, Social Media & PR Specialist, PCSpecialist:
“As advocates of esports we are excited to be teaming up with NSE to support the student esports community for 2022 and hope this partnership will provide new opportunities and insights while delivering some exciting promotions for the community.”

Keep your eyes peeled for further announcements next year!

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