NSE and Hitmarker Team Up to Highlight Esports & Gaming Entry-Level Roles and Internships



Keen on getting into the esports or gaming industry but find it hard to keep up with the roles available? We’re working together with Hitmarker to help highlight entry-level roles and internships to the student community!

We’ve introduced an announcement channel in the NSE Discord called #jobs-n-opps, where you’ll be able to find roles open to apply for as well as other opportunities available. As it’s an announcement channel, you can add it to your society server to keep your society members up to date. We’ll also have Hitmarker staff in the NSE channel to lend a helping hand. Not in our Discord already? Join it here.

If you don’t already know who Hitmarker are, they’re the largest gaming and esports jobs platform in the world. The Hitmarker website has many resources available on how to make the best CV, cover letter, and advice about specific roles in the esports industry. You can also create job alerts and make your own CV with Hitmarker's free CV builder. You can sign up for a Hitmarker account here.

Not sure a career in esports or gaming is for you? We know that our community will be looking for roles in a wide range of industries once they graduate, so we’ll also be using that channel to post other relevant jobs and opportunities in different fields that come across our radar.


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