November Intel Monthly MVP and December Nominations


4 months ago

The Intel Monthly MVP is a community-driven award where students around the country can nominate their peers for their outstanding behaviours, activities, achievements and just generally going above and beyond within gaming and esports.

This month, the winner is Adrian 'Thr1cekill' Marshall. They were nominated (and won) due to going above and beyond for Cardiff University's Esports Society.

Thr1cekill "has done a lot for Cardiff Crusaders Esports, he's developed streams and a media presence for the uni, going as far as to stream university esports games solo 4 times a week, observing, casting and streaming all by himself. In addition, he has produced a new series on the Crusaders' Youtube channel and has been uploading the 'weekly roundup' to give a summary of the tournaments that week to those unable to catch the streams. Furthermore, he's been highly proactive for the society, producing posters for events and has been a valuable asset to the Esports committee as a whole, going above and beyond his expected duties. I do not believe anyone else could fulfil this role to the same extent as him."

We sat down with our MVP to have a chat about their role at Cardiff Esports and future endeavours.


If you know of somebody who you think is an outstanding member of your community, for any reason, then please, nominate them for December's Intel Monthly MVP award - entries are open now! The winner will be awarded a swag bag of Intel goodies, including an exclusive Intel Monthly MVP pin.

Nominations close on Thursday 15th December.


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