National Student Esports



We established NSE back in October 2017 to create the best university esports experience for students in the UK. We believe that esports are a critical part of the university social experience for future generations and endeavour to create a world where players that engage with university esports become more confident and successful as a result.

Through partnership with British Universities and Colleges Sport (BUCS), we serve as the official body for university esports. Our job is not just to provide great competition, but also to educate universities and society about the merits of esports. 

Our strategy focuses on four key areas:

Championship and Events

Launching October 2018, the British University Esports Championship (BUEC) will take stage as one of the UK's premier university competitions. Through partnership with BUCS, the governing body for university sport, BUEC will be the official esports competition of British universities and serve players of all skills and backgrounds. 


Societies play a central role in university esports, and for the space to fully develop supporting them is a necessity. Over the next 6 months we will be rolling out the NSE Society Partner Program. It's purpose is to provide societies with the incentives and tools to achieve their potential. Our mantra is to nurture growth not legislate progress which the program will display. Specific details of the plans will be released in the coming months.

Skills and Employment

Working with major employers across the technology sector, and through opportunities embedded in our programmes, we are recognising the skills of exceptional student leaders to deliver lifelong benefits. 

Digital Community Platform

Historically, the creativity, genius and hard work of students in university esports has not been fully illuminated. With this platform we are creating a central hub to record and display your stories, your accomplishments and your content. It stores your university's teams and players history to keep alive the stories and memories of your time being involved in university esports. If you are a budding journalist you can create articles and enter writer competitions, if you are a streamer you can become featured on your society's page.