Monster Plays - Spring 2021 - Week 7 Vote & Week 8 Submissions Open



1 month ago


Time to get voting! Here are the top 5 clips submitted to us this week and let's decide who will get their hands on a Monster black card.

Voting closes on Friday 2nd April at midnight.

This Week's Top 5

  1. bookers - Falmouth University
  2. stam - Loughborough University
  3. JKAssassin - University of East Anglia
  4. JustZion - Durham University
  5. LukeVantage - University of the West of England


Week 8 Submissions Open

For week 8, we're doing submissions a little differently. Didn't submit a clip and regret it or feel like your clip was missed? We want to see your best clips from the past 8 weeks of the spring season, whether you've submitted them before or not. Submissions are now open and you can submit a clip by clicking here.

Submissions for the NSE finals Monster Plays will open on the April 4th.



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