January Intel Monthly MVP and February Nominations



The Intel Monthly MVP is a community driven award where students around the country can nominate their peers for their outstanding behaviours, activities, achievements and just going above and beyond within gaming and esports.

A perfect example of such a candidate is our first ever winner, January's MVP, Amy Jiang of Durham University. Amy is the Welfare and Inclusivity rep of the Esports and Gaming Society, where she has spearheaded the efforts to upgrade the societies levels of, as the title suggests, welfare and inclusivity (as well as just the general vibes, of course). She has done this by organising a wide range of events, from social gaming nights to charity streams, mixers and icebreakers like a society-wide secret Santa!

Amy is a very deserving student of this award, as underlined by her nominations - which even came from outside of Durham University! To find out more about Amy and what she does, as well as how other societies can provide better welfare support and be more inclusive to their members, we sat down for a chat.

If you know of somebody who you think is an outstanding member of your community, for any reason, then please, nominate them for February's Intel Monthly MVP award - entries are open now! The winner (like Amy) will be awarded a swag bag of Intel goodies, including an exclusive Intel Monthly MVP pin!

Nominations for February close on Sunday 13th February.


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