BUEC Winter 2020 Wrap-Up



The winter season is over! The games are finished and the points have been counted - let's see what happened this term...

The University of Warwick is once again dominating the points table, with Staffordshire University and University of Southampton in second and third. The rest of the top 10 are all fairly close in points, so who knows what will happen in the spring season.

Another dominating performance this winter was from Louie, a University of Exeter student, who incredibly won all three Super Smash Bros. Ultimate cups!

The Top 10

You can see the points table overview here and a full breakdown here.


The champions of the British University Esports Championship Winter 2020

First place: UWE Sea Stags (University of the West Of England)
Second place: Derby Gods (University Of Derby)
Third place: BATH A (University of Bath)


Dota 2
First place: Warwick Ducks (University of Warwick)
Second place: UCL Instant Reflex (University College London)
Third place: xD (University Of Nottingham)


League of Legends
First place: DMU T1 (DeMontfort University)
Second place: UCL Exodus (University College London)
Third place: Lincolns Ascended (University Of Lincoln)


First place: Underwatch (University Of York)
Second place: Portsmouth Paladins (University Of Portsmouth)
Third place: Bristol Built Different (University Of Bristol)


Rainbow Six Siege
First place: Neocitadel (Newcastle University)
Second place: SwanseaStormGreen (Swansea University)
Third place: Cardiff Crusaders (Cardiff University)


Rocket League
First place: Loughborough Lions (Loughborough University)
Second place: UEA Bluejays (University Of East Anglia)
Third place: Bournemouth Barracudas (Bournemouth University)


First place: Warwick Dire Wolves (University of Warwick)
Second place: Cecils Finest (University Of York)
Third place: UEA Bluejays x RootKit (University Of East Anglia)


Hearthstone (Teams)
First place: Watt Wyverns (Heriot Watt University)
Second place: Sussexecute (University Of Sussex)
Third place: Cantabz (University Of Cambridge)


Hearthstone (Single Player Cup)
First place: Bogdan Ionut Tataru (Kings College London)
Second place: Jibran Walji (University of Cambridge)
Third place: Giorgio Grimesty (Kings College London)


Super Smash Bros (Teams)
First place: Gooigi Returns (University Of Exeter)
Second place: Apex (Staffordshire University)
Third place: Tsunami (Staffordshire University)


Super Smash Bros (Single Player Cup)
October first place: Louie (University of Exeter)
October second place: Cheks (Durham University)
October third place: Darksdw (Staffordshire University)

November first place: Louie (University of Exeter)
November second place: Scorpio (Newcastle University)
November third place: Darksdw (Staffordshire University)

December first place: Louie (University of Exeter)
December second place: Cheks (Durham University)
December third place: Scorpio (Newcastle University)


Teamfight Tactics Cups
October first place: Temlozz (University of Birmingham)
October second place: Sir Bobz (University of Cambridge)
October third place: Sheeper47 (University College London)

November first place: Stelfalador (Kings College London)
November second place: Sheeper47 (University College London)
November third place: Sir Bobz (University of Cambridge)

December first place: Temlozz (University of Birmingham)
December second place: Sir Bobz (University of Cambridge)
December third place: Donmaster6 (Newcastle University)


F1 2020 Championship (BUSR)
First place: Deadeye (Loughborough University)
Second place: Pizza Parker (Lancaster University)
Third place: Atcha6 (Lancaster University)


GT Championship (BUSR)
First place: J. Vanbrugh (Coventry University)
Second place: J. Watts (University Of Surrey)
Third place: H. Williams (University of Sheffield)



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