August Intel Monthly MVP and September Nominations


last month

The Intel Monthly MVP is a community-driven award where students around the country can nominate their peers for their outstanding behaviours, activities, achievements and just generally going above and beyond within gaming and esports.

This month, the winner is Alex 'CheeseLordP' Petropoulos. They were nominated (and won) due to going above and beyond for Warwicks's esports society, he has been the 'communications visionary' for Warwick Esports Society and a great face for the society as a whole.

"Alex is the biggest reason Warwick Esports is where it is today. He has spent hundreds if not thousands of hours working on and refining the large scale strategy for the society, giving everyone something to work for and generally making sure that stuff was heading in the right direction. Without his ideas, vision and values, Warwick Esports would've stagnated over the last year.."

We sat down with our MVP to have a chat about their role in communications at Warwick Esports and future endeavors.


If you know of somebody who you think is an outstanding member of your community, for any reason, then please, nominate them for September's Intel Monthly MVP award - entries are open now! The winner (like Alex) will be awarded a swag bag of Intel goodies, including an exclusive Intel Monthly MVP pin.

Nominations close on Thursday 15th September.


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