August 2022's Society of the Month - Kent Esports


6 days ago

Over the last month, we have been thoroughly impressed by the improvement seen in Kent Esports' society both on Discord and across their social media channels. We want to also highlight the work of the new president, Luz, to improve the community.

We asked Luz to talk a little bit about their passion for esports and their experience being a part of Kent Esports.

"I think what makes me so passionate about Esports is that I've seen the ways in which it can bring people together who otherwise would have absolutely nothing in common. Everyone can compete regardless of social background, where they grew up, their physical fitness, and who they are in the world. It doesn't matter if you struggled making friends in school — sitting behind a mouse and keyboard unlocks potential friends all over the world.

As for the Kent Esports Society, I've been a member for the past two years and have loved every minute of it. Our former president was a great mentor to me, both in and out of the server, so when I took over I wanted to build on what he had started. I have a lot of ambition which I think has shown in the changes made thus far. We have a new Discord Bot which I programmed from scratch (and am continually developing). It allows our CS:GO and Valorant players to queue in custom lobbies and compete in leaderboards within our Discord server. We also fully revamped our Instagram, Twitter, and Twitch accounts to better reflect the kind of professionalism and reach we want to see in the future.

Overall, I'd say I saw a boatload of potential in the society and wanted to push it to its limits. I've promised big things and am hoping to deliver on them."


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