April 2022's Society of the Month - Oxford Esports


5 months ago

Oxford Esports are April's society of the month! They were selected for Society of the Month because of the sheer enthusiasm they've shown for Insomnia and their impressive organisational skills as they were the first society to get themselves sorted with a space in the NSE BYOC area. Insomnia is all about bringing communities together, and Oxford Esports has exemplified this in full as one of the first societies to bulk buy tickets for their squad. They've also rebranded and got themselves a swanky new logo!

We asked Oxford if there were any individuals who are built particularly differently to shout out who made the whole experience go smoothly?

"All our committee members are hardworking people who play a role in making the Oxford University Esports Society a great community. However, if I had to name some individuals who really go the extra mile it would have to be Matt and Sameer.

Matt oversees the CS:GO sector within the esports society. He was able to keep the CS:GO community alive even when the main esports society died off and personally funded the CS:GO server himself. He is a friendly person and involves himself in making sure the community stays active. Even if you do not play CS:GO, he is happy to answer any questions newcomers might have. He also arranges CS:GO tournaments with other universities, so if you are interested in playing or watching him stream then check out the CS:GO server. You can find it within the Oxford University Esports Society server in the CS:GO channel.

Sameer is the current president of the Oxford University Esports Society. He is the one who really revived the esports society after it became inactive. He is passionate and dedicates a lot of time to making sure that things in the society run smoothly, always popping in the server to check up on everyone. He makes it feel like one big community and organises events like pub meet-ups which help bring gamers from different channels together. He is also great at networking, having secured many sponsorships for the society. He recently attended the Insomnia Gaming Festival with esports society members, and his next big project is Varsity! Without Sameer, the Oxford University Esports Society would not be where it is today."

- nekogirl



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