Announcing the NSE Student Column in Partnership with Esports Insider



Today, we're thrilled to announce that NSE and Esports Insider are partnering up to introduce the NSE Student Column, a place where students will have their thoughts and opinions featured on the Esports Insider website. This is a great opportunity for UK university students who are aspiring writers, journalists or even just someone with a point of view to share.

Every two months, there will be a two-week period in which students can submit an article to NSE. Sometimes there may be a theme or topic set, with other months being up to the writer as long as the article has an esports angle. 

Once an article is selected, the successful applicant will receive expert guidance from the Esports Insider editorial team to help polish and finalise the piece ready to be published. This is a paid opportunity and the article will be featured on Esports Insider’s and NSE’s website.

Becky Wright, NSE Social Media & Community Manager said:
“Thanks to teaming up with Esports Insider, we're so pleased that we can offer this opportunity that will benefit students now and in their futures. On top of student writers getting the chance to appear in an established publication, the guidance they will receive from experienced industry editors is hugely valuable.”

Pitches are now open for this month and will remain open until 5pm on Thursday, March 25th. There isn’t a set theme this month, so now is your chance to pick what matters to you most. This could be anything from your opinions on a new game or league to a community matter you want to raise — it’s entirely up to you. That said, it is of course important to bear in mind ESI’s focus on the business of esports.

While we are asking for a full article, it will still undergo a full editorial process later on with ESI, so get your drafts sent in! To apply, all we need is a draft and your preferred contact details. Get started here.

Pitch dates for 2021:

  • Friday 12th March - Thursday 25th March
  • Thursday 13th May - Thursday 27th May
  • Thursday 8th July - Thursday 22nd July
  • Thursday 9th September - Thursday 23rd September
  • Thursday 11th November - Thursday 25th November



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