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Island Tours Competition Review
After so many wonderful islands were submitted for the NSE Island Tours Competition, we shortlisted five and reviewed them live on stream. Here's the review.
Things you might have missed about the upcoming Turkey Day and Toy Day in ACNH!
Let’s take a better look at the two upcoming events in the latest winter update, Turkey Day and Toy Day!
Sweet Dreams are made of Islands!
With the announcement of the Island Tours Competition, you may be debating dusting off your switch to join in on the sleepy festivities, but how do you do that? Read on to find out!

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Animal Crossing: Jersey Design Competition
We've had so many great & wonderful jersey designs submitted, now it's down to you to cast your vote on which is your favourite!
Top Tips For Starting Your Island Getaway Package
With Halloween around the corner, and the NSE x Animal Crossing community launched - what better time to dust off your switch, water your flowers and say hello to your villagers from a time that lockdown forgot than now?
Animal Crossing During Lockdown
What exactly makes this game so special? Why did Animal Crossing capture hearts through lockdown? I sat down and spoke to some people that played the game throughout lockdown to find out more.
Announcing NSE Animal Crossing Community Activity
Ready to head off on your Deserted Island Getaway Package? NSE are bringing you a whole series of community activities based around Animal Crossing: New Horizons.